Each May, I stand at Summer’s doorstep, overcome with her freedom and bounty, only to watch too many events and activities drain those warm days like a funnel filled with fine, white sand. This year, attempting once again to savor our days and resist the temptation to over-schedule, we’re planning only a couple of out-of-town trips and keeping our activities at home simple (and cheap). Here’s some of the ways our family is embracing a “less-is-more” mindset and easing into our summer days:

  1. riding bikes together (mostly in the evenings now)
  2. freezing our fruit to keep us cool
  3. playing in the rain (We have to enjoy the rain when it comes here in Texas!)
  4. watching clouds and looking for familiar shapes
  5. creating poetry-inspired art (I read a poem and provide art supplies for the kids to create the imagery however they choose)
  6. taking trips to the library
  7. treasure hunting in nature (i.e. Find something red.)
  8. picking berries at a local farm
  9. swimming anywhere and everywhere from our backyard blow-up pool to friends’ and family’s “real” pools

How do you/your family simplify your summer days?




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