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I love minimalist decor at gatherings. It seems to draw attention to the things that are most important, namely the food and people. I have a few staple go-to’s for any event–mason jars, candles, and string lights–to automatically add presence and importance but not distract. For previous T-day meals, we’ve added plant life right from our yard or nearby woods. We’ve hung branches from the ceiling, collected plants or wildflowers to put in glass jars, or moved the table to the backyard altogether.

This year, we’ll be heading to my parents’ and will be eating in their garage. It sounds funny, but there are too many of us to fit at their dining table. So we’ll recreate the space by hanging cloth over any unsightly shelves and of course adding some candles, string lights, and plant life. Here’s a few things inspiring our simple, casual gathering.

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