“a weekly portrait of each of my children in 2014”

liam // I found you inspecting a spider, studying the way it slowly moved along the garage door. You’re always so full of wonder.

burke // You all received a microscope and telescope from Jordan and Christa last Christmas. This week, you’ve taken particular interest in the microscope, observing the composition of everything from leg hair to Squeak’s food.

blythe // I bought a new laundry basket this week and twice found you playing hide-and-seek in it, your hair camouflaged by the woven grass.

olive // I find you jumping on my bed regularly, which I mind less now that our yard is bare of a playground or swing. This particular time, you needed sunglasses. And your layers of mis-matched stripes, too.

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  1. Constanze Linnea
    Constanze Linnea says:

    Hej Beth!

    I love love love the shot of Olive. I think it`s my favorite so far :)
    And your home looks so beautiful! It seems simple and bright, your style is like a fresh breeze, I think.

    Have a lovely day!


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