white_on_white-2white_on_white-3white_on_white-1Earlier in the year, I began a style series exploring pieces from my closet I considered essential–clothing or accessories I go to regularly and tend to build around throughout the year. The goal, I hoped, would help cultivate gratitude for what I already have and a clearer vision for how to use my [quite tiny] personal clothing budget. This is the fifth in this style essential series.

As we move into the second part of August, I realize most of the Northern hemisphere is beginning to think toward the fall, the onset of cooler weather and warmer clothes and colors. However, in the South, summer stretches through most of September, and sometimes even into October, meaning stylistic rules about color and season, don’t always apply here. Although I spend many summer days in dresses, I love white denim. White skinnies. White flared. White wide-legged. It doesn’t matter. For most of my early years of motherhood, I shied away from white because of potential messiness. But I quickly realized, throwing on a pair of white denim always felt fresh, regardless of what I was doing, and pairing it with a white top instantly felt chic, which any mother knows is a big deal. White denim quickly became a staple in my closet. I’ve never looked back. When going out for the evening or to work during the day, I might throw on heals or wedges (like here), but many days I throw them on with a pair of flat sandals and a summer hat. The best part? Since it’s August, most stores are beginning to clear out their white denim–and just in case you’re on the lookout, Madewell’s offering an extra 40% off their sale through midnight today and Gap’s offering 40% off until noon. (I’m wearing Gap’s long and lean above.)  What about you? How do you wear your white denim?

top (similar) | jeans | tote | hat

Images by Kristen Douglass 



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  1. petra
    petra says:

    I love white but it’s almost absent from my wardrobe. I’m always way too worried to end up with stains on my clothes which limits me too much in what I think I can do.

    • Bethany
      Bethany says:

      I used to feel the same way, and realized how much it limited styles I really love. I wear white all the time in the summer months and just pre-treat spots before laundering. It seems to work just fine. ;)


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