cooking_with_kids-1This week has felt so difficult for some reason. Maybe it was the thick heat that made its way back here, forcing us to shut our windows and turn on the AC again, or maybe it’s simply a cycle our emotions and souls go through, the inevitable wear of giving ourselves over to life so fully. Either way, I’m grateful for the weekend and plan to use it to play and rest well with the kids. Blythe turns eight on Sunday–so hard for me to believe.  Since my husband will be working in Europe the next week (without us–sad face), we’ll have our family celebration for her this evening, complete with “crispy” chicken, a layered cake with flowers, and getting her ears pierced–something she’s been pleading to do for over a year now. Today, the kids and I will be busy in the kitchen getting ready. Other than that, I hope to spend some more time in my PJs reading the rest of this book and watching a movie and playing outdoors with the kids.

there + elsewhere

  • With this heat, I’m dreaming even more of wearing slouchy sweaters like this one again.
  • It seems everywhere I look online, friends are picking apples in orchards–a luxury for those who endure long, cold winter, I suppose. The best we get in the south is a good pie, and I’m dying to try this galette soon.  
  • Also have you seen this pottery yet? So lovely and hand-thrown in Vermont, the state where I was born. The two points are obviously unrelated. ;) 
  • I read this post on competition this week, which seemed to dovetail nicely with some of what I wrote on “doing it all.” It’s so refreshing to remember we’re best when simply being ourselves. 

What are you guys up to this weekend? Are you doing or planning anything fun with apples this season? Do tell.

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  1. Nichole
    Nichole says:

    Hi! I just stumbled on your blog via Pinterest. So, so lovely! I love your fresh photography and heartfelt words. I too live in a small Texas town and so I feel your pain about the heat. I am beyond ready for sweaters and wool socks. We are planning on going apple picking this Saturday. Orchards are rare in these parts but there seems to be a sweet one in Mason, Texas. I am looking forward to reading through your archives.

  2. petra
    petra says:

    I’m going to make a big bowl of spicy papaya salad this weekend and go and eat it by the beach. that’s more suitable for where I’m at right now. that said, I haven’t had apply crumble in ages and might make that too :)

    • Bethany
      Bethany says:

      Gah, doesn’t that sound inviting? Sigh. Well, here we had rain and fresh cool air. I’ll take what I can. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Kristen.


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