olive // You counted down the days to your first dance class this week. Although we originally planned to enroll you in the fall, I noticed how you watch the class next door to your sister’s through the glass. You’d turn and tell me, “I can totally do this! There are kids in this class who are only four and I’m five!” You wore your ballet clothes all afternoon on your first day, and kept chiming in your giddy voice, “I’m going to be so good at this, mom. I just know it!”

blythe // Although you are so chatty and love playing with others, you also love and need quiet space, a place to be alone and draw or read or write. This has cause one of the larger bits of friction in sharing a room, since your roommate loves togetherness, busyness, and you. I’m grateful to see you learning to receive and work through differences at such a young age.

burke // When dad opens the door to wake you guys up each morning, you often stumble to your feet half-awake, just to beat your brother. Although it cad be hard being the younger brother, it’s so fun to watch you together, quoting parts of your favorite films, building Legos together, or mastering new tricks on your skateboards.

liam // You’re growing out your hair again, most days covering it with your favorite hat. On the day the sun reappeared this week, you immediately put on your shoes and went out the door.


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