This week the girls spent 4 days on their own with Nina and Papa while the boys stayed home with us. Blythe and Olive loved every bit of their time away, having some special attention and doing a few special activities, like watching Annie and Paddington, building puzzles, or playing with cousins. We enjoyed having time with just the boys doing a few memorable things together like eating Sushi, watching Guardians of the Galaxy, and working in the yard together. The boys kept saying to one another, “the house is just SO quiet.” I think we all missed the noise and life those girls both bring to this place.

olive // on this day, you played in a puddle in your favorite dress, throwing your hands full of water and mud to the sky–your smile, missing teeth and full of song. Dad often tells you how much he loves this small window of time without your front teeth. You are adorable.

blythe // I found a picture this week of you at age 4. You were sitting at our coffee table, your head resting in your arms, while you watched your older brothers play with their Legos. I notice that same expression now when you step on a skateboard, testing out their hobbies. I love watching you learn from them and form your own path and style.

burke //I caught you treading through what’s left of our backyard brush, talking and laughing with dad a few feet away. Your heart and expression always seems so relaxed in nature, even in our little yard. When I asked you to look at me for a picture, you turned and stuck out your butt instead, laughing at your own joke. I love your quirky humor.

liam // This week I met with your orthodontist about putting on your braces. When dad mentioned to you that the orthodontist also wanted to pull your last two baby teeth, you quickly began wiggling them. You successfully pulled one of them two days later. This is a small picture of how motivated you are when you want/need to be. You hate having your teeth pulled.


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