2015_week08-12015_week08-22015_week08-32015_week08-4week 08 | what do you love most about homeschooling? more specifically?

olive | I love reading activities and playing dress-up. (That part about the reading isn’t always true.)  Most days you flit around our home in dress-up and play, and I’m learning again to move with you as I did with Liam, skip counting while you bounce around the room and incorporating stories anywhere possible. On the best of days, you really want to practice reading, although where this happens always differs–on your bed, on my bed, in the kitchen, on the floor, even sitting on the table.

blythe| I love getting to learn at home and that you’re my teacher. Science and history are my favorite times, especially when we get to make things.  This week you received an invitation to test for the next level in ballet. You squealed with excitement, “a test?! I love tests!” You really do, and I love this about you. I love your relentless focus and joyful work ethic, Blythe, and as you continue to thrive in your work–academic, ballet, or otherwise–I hope you will also grow with the knowledge and wisdom that life is more than a test. So much more.

burke | I love that I’m not sitting in a classroom all day and that I get to learn with you. I love when we study important people in history and then draw and write about them.  Learning to read at age four, you were certainly our earliest reader. It came naturally for you. Even now,  I always enjoy hearing you read aloud, listening to the inflection and life you give to your words. Although you love quiet spaces and places to work, you enjoy the silliest play and wildest imagination–a fun mixture in a person, I think. Careful and silly. Quiet and gregarious. Methodical and dramatic. Years into our homeschool life together, I know there are so many things I may have misunderstood (or missed altogether) about you. I love experiencing the daily ways you live out of your quiet heart.

liam | I love that I get to learn with my friends and family. Science, history, and language are my favorite things to learn about–I really liked studying the heart and circulatory system, reading, writing, and drawing about Medieval knights, and diagramming sentences.  I took this image a couple of weeks ago when we were studying the human brain. This is the dimension I love about learning together at home–the crafting and creating happening right alongside the reading and writing and rote practice. Learning about anything is an experience with you, Liam, one that has challenged me to see all of life in entirely new ways.


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  1. Leighton Jack
    Leighton Jack says:

    Such wonderful gifts of homeschooling. Both that they get to experience the aspects described above and that you have the joy and life that comes from knowing their hearts so deeply. You’re planting trees with eternal fruit.


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