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Although, like most children, you all have always loved the Christmas season, we’re bridging new years as a family, years where you enjoy the giving of gifts and crafting just as much as receiving. You are also beginning to understand the deeper meaning and gift of Christmas, too, and I’m loving our conversations about this somewhat culturally complex holiday. Together, we’re understanding, it’s actually quite simple.

Olive // You helped me pick out gifts for an eight year old girl who has so very little. We picked a doll on her list, and you held that doll tightly, and told me, “I think she’s going to love it.”

Blythe // You and Liam worked together to wrap gifts for our little angel girl, helping me tie a salt dough ornament to one of her packages–a small gift from our home to hers.

Burke // I watched you carefully craft a list of everyone to whom you wanted to make or give something. It was thoughtful and personal. I love that.

Liam // You asked to give all of your allowance money to help gift something to someone else instead. I love your maturing heart, the moments when you offer yourself to help others without solicitation.

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