our homeschool in pictures | March

  Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day. ― A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh _____________________________ spring herbs + tales of Benjamin Bunny a small lesson about finding God in the ordinariness the…

morning tricks: a story of kale + gruyere quiche

Yesterday morning began harrowed, everyone impatient and on guard, like the friction of too many short notes held together. Even on my best mornings those emotions can be exhausting to direct, but on this morning I too felt myself sucked in,…

for the weekend | an easy handmade bread

Every Friday evening, our family shares communion together during our Sabbath meal. I love the concreteness of communion, the plainness of the metaphor. God found in the most ordinary and humble place of crushed, fermented grapes and a…

on perfectionism, vulnerability, and motherhood

On the first day of this year, I woke up long before the sunrise, seized with anxiety. The same thoughts were spinning circles through me again, doubting my abilities as a mother and educator, doubting my work here, doubting whether I'm good…

for the weekend | favorite books on parenting

Weekends are always the best time for personal reading. On Saturdays, I tend to stay in my PJs longer and often meander back into my bed with coffee and a book, a small gratitude with having older children. A couple of people have recently…

the slow unfolding work of home and heart

We moved into our cozy 1920s home two years ago this month, although it hardly feels two years of work have passed. When we purchased the property, the house was neglected and unsavory, stained from leaky faucets and uncleaned dirt. Indoors,…



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Weekend projects. 🌿 #peelsticklove #mywestelm #theslowrenovation
Quieting my soul a bit this morning, listening to Sinatra, reading a little Luci Shaw, and blissfully sipping the last coffee before I get dressed for the day. #weekend #thecloisteredtable
Life is good with him, even on the hardest days.
Olive and I are putting together a small market bouquet to bring a hurting friend this morning. Small generosities do much to mend the soul, especially the flowers and hugs of a friend. / Also the sweetest dress from @munydesign
We returned home today, unpacked, cleaned up, and went to the market to fill our fridge again. Does anyone else feel an enormous sense of gratitude when your fridge is full? 🙋🏼 As always, it's good to be home.
S'mores for the kids. Red wine for us. The last sunset in his thirties.
On the hottest summer day, with cold drinks in our hand and an icy river on our toes. #cloisteredtravels
A special birthday breakfast and blessing time for Mark, just before we meandered out the door to the farmer's market. #cloisteredtravels #gracelacedvistalaplata
I took this image of Olive in our garden a few springs ago in her early preschool years, and I still can't believe how quickly all of my children have changed in such a short time period. Today I'm joining a few other mothers on the topic of education and sharing a few lessons I've learned over the years about homeschooling during the preschool/kindergarten years. I hope it's an encouragement for those of you stepping into this journey for the first time, or even for those who feel uncertain whether you could. Link in the profile. #cloisteredaway_homeschooling #realmomseries
We took a brief afternoon hike with the boys this afternoon, where Liam found part of a snow patrol sled. Naturally we dragged it uphill to a path of snow for a little June sledding.
Every evening while we make dinner, she sings her impromptu songs for all of us. This one was about creation, about how special every living thing—person, plant, and animal—is to God. And to her. 💔 Thank you for the borrowed mandolin @gracelaced. We're taking excellent care. x
He will be thirteen in just a few months and now wears the same size shoe as his father. Also last night just after dinner, we finally found this hidden gem. We're making plans to do it again before we leave. // I'm also honored to share  @lifecapturedinc featured me in their Storytellers interview, where I talk a little bit about everything, from our daily routine to how I preserve the days with cameras and words. You can find it via the link in their profile. Thank you, Ronnie! #cloisteredtravels