my 29th birthday and dinner with the president

Well, sort of. Thursday was my 29th birthday. Mostly, it was a normal day -- nice, but normal. I worked at the writing center in the morning and spent the afternoon hanging out with my family (the boys picked flowers for me). Sam (Mark's dad)…

little words

Burke: I don't like cats. Bethany: Why don't you like cats, Burke? Burke: They want to poop in my sandbox. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Mark is correcting Liam and poking his finger into Liam's chest.) Mark:…

In effort to simplify

“Our life is frittered away by detail…Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” -Henry David Thoreau Walden  By nature, I am not a simple person. I love details, even the ones that simply remain imaginative, and can easily involve myself…


Cloistered Away is a lifestyle blog, focused on simple, purposeful family living, written by Bethany Douglass.


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