Since our Fall weather can range in temperature from the 50s to the 90s, I am always hunting for easy and flexible transitional pieces for my closet. One of my favorite pieces right now is the blazer. I particularly love seeing how other women have taken a piece originally designed for men and business attire and transformed it into something casual and feminine by pairing it with a dress, worn denim, or even shorts.

But how do you know if you can pull it off? Try one. Take into consideration your height and build. Curvier women or shorter women might feel more comfortable with a hip-length blazer or at least one more tailored at the waist, like this one. If you have broader shoulders, you may want to try something thinner and without shoulder pads like this one or this one. For taller women, you might enjoy the longer, non-traditional length or style like this onethis one, or this one. I love the menswear-inspired blazer paired with shorts above, too, and found a similar one here and here. I also really love the growing number of businesses providing earth-friendly, socially responsible options (with good design) like this one.

I hope this inspires you, too, this morning! Happy Friday, everyone. 

All images sourced via Pinterest.



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The cooler weather is finally lingering here, luring me again to warmer tones and clothing. I’m pulling out dusty jackets and remembering sweaters and scarves and boots I haven’t seen in quite a while–I just love this season. Fall beckons me to simplify, to quiet myself, whether in a cozy corner with a book and coffee or outside under a canopy of trees.  I am also finding new ways to experiment with my existing wardrobe, creating new arrangements of layers with what I already own. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Oh well. Here’s a few things inspiring me this season. You can find more images inspiring me on Pinterest. What’s inspiring you this Fall?