As some of you have already noticed, my hair is like Rapunzel’s right now, only darker and without the magic, life-giving powers of course. I didn’t plan this; it happened more out of economic necessity, meaning I had one haircut/color in 2011. Ahem. This may in fact be the beginning of what “they” have so maliciously termed “letting yourself go.” But, let’s not go there yet. For women, having a quality hair-cut is expensive (let alone adding any color), yet we do it even when it costs us a week’s worth of groceries. I have cut myself bangs a couple of times this year, and thanks to 2011s ombre lights and braiding trends, my long overdue roots had a miraculous new name and purpose. Some women have or take the time to style their hair daily. I am no such woman. Only for special occasions really. So I’m always looking for ways still to feel good about myself and keep the “routine” short and sweet (not to mention keeping money for food, college funds, or better yet to buy a herd of goats for a family in Africa). So I thought I might mention for all of you out there keeping things simple, this may be our year to shine. Here’s some hair trends from spring 2012 fashion week: slicked back/glistening hair, scarfs, headbands, center parts, and gym hair. For we non-supermodel types, this translates: go to the gym, but don’t wash your hair afterward; if you absolutely can’t stand your frizzy, sweaty hair, wash it and add product to keep the wet look. Slick it back, tie it up, ponytail, braid, cover it with a scarf, or put on a headband. And if you prefer to have a more “finished” look, think big blow-outs with center parts and loose waves.  We can’t go wrong! Here’s some inspiration toward our beautiful simplicity.

For more pics: Harper’s Bazaar or Real Beauty

Today, I took the kids to go swimming. On the way (not really), I picked up a car-less friend who lives on this little dirt road, among over-grown landscape and wild vermin. Sounds appealing, right? It felt like something out of a Flannery O’Conner story, minus the delusional grandmother and convicts. So, here I was driving and imaginatively immersed in A Good Man is Hard to Find, when I suddenly hear Blythe say, “f–k. f–k. f–k.” What? I turned around to see her pointing at her foot and saying in a songlike manner, “f–k.” So close, sweetheart, but not quite. Well, it wasn’t long before the boys (who love mocking her babytalk) chimed in. Suddenly, I had a chorus of profanity in my backseat. Lovely.

Yesterday, we took the kids to the park to eat dinner and play. In the meantime, Liam had to pee, so naturally he pulls his pants and underwear down to his ankles, arches his back and projects his pelvis toward the tree to relieve himself. Now that’s a dramatic potty break. But, this moment actually gave me flashbacks to last summer when Liam pulled the same stunt at the park. Only when he was done, he reversed the pelvic thrust to poke his butt in the air and poop. Right. There. In. The. Park. I had to call Mark to bring a brown paper sack, so I could clean up after my son. I would love to say this only happened once, but it’s enough for me to speak of it only once (still with laughter).  

Finally, I cut Liam’s hair. I noticed Liam had helped himself to some hair wax and decided he needed “spikey” hair again. When I quickly informed him that his hair was too long to stand up, he opted for a haircut. I obliged (but with sadness). You may also notice a small chunk missing in the right side of Liam’s nose. He tripped while jumping off of the big, red, concrete ball in front of Target, practically landing on his face.