A New Year, A Heart of Wisdom
Hello, dear reader, and happy new year! It has been nearly a year since I’ve written in this space, and had I known then, I would have given you warning or at least a note.
Slow Down | A Note from the Future
Liam walked in the door from work recently, sauntering over for a hug and a hello. At 17 and cresting six feet in height, I find I’m the one now cradled at the chest and
Finding Gratitude in Hard Places
The last eight weeks have had an unexpected thread of familiarity for me, like a found trinket from childhood or an old pair of running shoes. Holding them provokes something deep within me, a small
DIY Flower Bouquet for Mother’s Day
Flowers are one of my favorite ways to infuse life and beauty into our home. While I hope to grow a picking garden of my own some day, more practically in this part of life,
When Motherhood Breaks Your Heart
Last week, in the small space between the kitchen stove and the wood countertops, one of my children felt unloved. *He told me I had a soft-spot for the other three children and not for
A Small Encouragement for Motherhood
There were so many years where our home lives and learning looked more concrete—seeing, listening, doing. I worried: Am I doing enough, will they have enough? Have we made the right choices in their education? In
A Mother, A Visionary
We mothers wear a lot of hats, and it’s no wonder that we quickly lean into multi-tasking. Sweeping a floor while taking a business call or scheduling a play date. Wiping down the bathroom counter
On Working from Home
Possibly the hardest part about living, schooling, and working from home as a mother is establishing boundaries, even as they fold into one another. I am a perpetual student learning the balance. And yet balance isn’t
Real Talk Real Moms | On Comparison in Motherhood
I imagine much of the comparison that happens between mothers begins simply and honestly, a way to observe and emulate other women we admire for one reason or another. We actually need one another in