on slowing down
Living in modern culture often makes it difficult to appreciate slowness. Being a mother sometimes makes slowing down feel impossible. Like so many other parents, I’m a list-maker and planner, meaning at any given point
As you turn a year older, Liam, and slip into what, in reality, is the last half of your time at home with us, we want to use these years both to hold you more
a simple backyard adventure
Last week, I sprained my ankle while running with the kids. It was silly really–a moment of looking back to check on the younger girls while my feet still carried me forward right into one
bits of home
I unpacked the last of the kitchen this week, ignoring the handful of small details around the space we’re still waiting to complete, grateful to be making food here again. Even the kids have welcomed
courageous and considerate parenting
I recently read a Twitter chat between a cluster of homeschooling moms mourning that one had recently been asked which curriculum to use for a three-year-old. Although these moms were well-intentioned in their encouragement of one another allowing young children to
on courage
Sometimes perfectionist slips in here, only wanting to present that part of our life which is pretty and organized and complete (even in thought). I try to sit down and write out the drafted in-betweens,
weekend snippets
The last few months have consisited of moving, living with one bathroom, unpacking, living without a stove, homeschooling, fixing the fridge, unpacking some more, fixing the second bathroom, being without electricity, getting a new stove,
“a weekly portrait of each of my children in 2014” liam // you built a flying ship (complete with propelled wings) for a local Lego exhibition and called it the Flying Fish. burke // watching you submerge in a friend’s pool
finding boundaries
Time has stopped almost entirely here these last two months. Offline, we are fumbling through changes again, wrapping up our school year (finally), beginning new and larger home projects, and still trying to find that unclear balance between so many