family time // breakfast al fresco
When the kids were littler, Mark and I would load them into the double jogger or onto our back or into the bike trailer every evening after dinner. During those years of wakeful nights and
discovering what matters
Last week, Blythe and I were discussing making something together, a little bracelet–the smallest of things, really–but not to a seven-year-old. She turned to me and said, “but you won’t be able to help. You’re
16/52 + 17/52
” a weekly portrait of each of my children in 2014″ liam // I watched you all playing hide-and-seek by the water. Instead of hiding, you leaned your body against the lighthouse, strong and firm. burke
for the moment
If I’m honest, there are days I wish I weren’t homeschooling. I imagine someone else taking responsibility for my children’s education, relieving me to my own work. I would be able to workout regularly and
Courage is found in unlikely places.  ― J.R.R. Tolkien liam // You read stories like one might drink water, consistently throughout the day, as though you might wither away without them. blythe // I noticed you
my interview with kellie + vanessa
As most of you know, I regularly share pictures of our everyday  happenings via Instagram: little moments and words and things that mean something to me each day. In the year and a half I’ve
words with you
I am a fairly risk-adverse person. I tend more often to stick with what I know and with whom and where I am comfortable. When it comes to decision-making, I’m fairly analytical and calculated, although
Honestly, I haven’t always loved the morning. My body and mind seem to move in half-time, fumbling for order with garbled words and hair and breath. And I don’t like fumbling. But these years of
happy thanksgiving
Sometimes it is easy to look at other people’s pictures or lives and feel that I am somehow missing out. That I don’t have enough. Sometimes things don’t go as I plan, even when I