Letting Go
On Letting Go, Part One | My Father
“On Letting Go” is a personal story series of 2023 about releasing people, work, and personhood to God; therefore, it is also a story of God’s kindness and the beauty, comfort, and joy received in
A New Year, A Heart of Wisdom
Hello, dear reader, and happy new year! It has been nearly a year since I’ve written in this space, and had I known then, I would have given you warning or at least a note.
Slow Down | A Note from the Future
Liam walked in the door from work recently, sauntering over for a hug and a hello. At 17 and cresting six feet in height, I find I’m the one now cradled at the chest and
Finding Gratitude in Hard Places
The last eight weeks have had an unexpected thread of familiarity for me, like a found trinket from childhood or an old pair of running shoes. Holding them provokes something deep within me, a small
Small Acts of Generosity
Practicing generosity is a core value Mark and I have long held in our home and encouraged in our children. There are many small daily ways we encourage generosity with others–making eye contact or pausing
Life Lately | Numbering the Days
There is an ancient story in the New Testament where Jesus takes two fish and five loaves and feeds thousands. I find parenting to be that sort of miracle, whereby we offer what little we
On Stillness
“Hurry is not just a disordered schedule. Hurry is a disordered heart.” ––John Ortberg Sometimes I find myself chasing tasks when what is needed is stillness. This stage of parenting has seemed busier than ever,
Reader’s Choice | An Audiobook List
There are a million and two reasons to keep your phone tucked away and out of reach during the day, but an audiobook is not one of them. Like many of you, we listen to
DIY Flower Bouquet for Mother’s Day
Flowers are one of my favorite ways to infuse life and beauty into our home. While I hope to grow a picking garden of my own some day, more practically in this part of life,