I began Cloistered Away as a young mother, seeking to blend my love for our family and home with my personal interests in writing and photography. When we decided to homeschool our four children shortly after, I began sharing parts of that journey here, too.

Over the years, I have recorded heartfelt stories, images, rhythms, and resources from our home, empowering others to create a simpler lifestyle and a more integrated approach to education. Cloistered Away has now become a resource and encouragement for thousands of readers each month.
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A Few Personal Guideposts

Solitude is essential

As an introvert, I’ve learned small amounts of time spent nourishing my spirit, mind, or body always benefit others, especially those in my care. At different points, I have found these pockets of time in the early morning, late evenings, or even in quiet random moments of the day. I have written more about this here and here and more broadly here

Family road trips are always worth it.
I mean it. There will be stories and maybe, on occasion, even tears, but the time spent in tight proximity over miles of road has taught our family of six so much about one another and offered a slower way to experience the world together. Even the most trying travel experiences are now remembered with a bit of glow. Read more here.
Community begins around the table.

Our family table is more than a piece of furniture. It is a place for shared learning, ideas, food, and experience. But it’s also a place where we build deep and rich relationships with those who live outside our doors. Read more here.

When possible, unplug and bring the outdoors in.
Although technologies are a part of our daily living, resting from screens and making time to connect with the natural world is a part of our family rhythm. And during these rests, we each discover, it is more necessary than we think. Read more on reflecting the seasons here, designing your own arrangements here, on inspiring creativity here, on unplugging here.
Learning is a lifelong practice.
Learning is not a segment of a day or phase of time. It is a way of life. In our home, we read and practice and try and create again and again--together and individually, with successes and failures. I hope that fingerprint is in every aspect of this blog.
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