16/52 + 17/52



” a weekly portrait of each of my children in 2014″

liam // I watched you all playing hide-and-seek by the water. Instead of hiding, you leaned your body against the lighthouse, strong and firm.

burke // you all went swimming Easter morning. With goosebumps and shivers, you laughed at the icy water and jumped again.

blythe // Sometimes I see you and glimpse peeks at seventeen or twenty-seven. As I listened to your giggles and chatter in the pool, it made me grateful you’re only seven.

olive // Over and over you squealed at me, “mom, look! I can swim!” and then you quickly disappeared under the surface again, my happy little fish.




liam // if you could live in the trees, you would. I hope you never lose this whimsy or your love for the natural world.

burke // you hunted the backyard for the largest leaf, then turned to me and said, “Call me Greenbeard.”

blythe // you notice details everywhere. This week you combed the backyard overgrowth for a collection of your favorite leaves, and then we made this together.

olive //   You are always singing, sometimes your own song, this time, the medley of the Frozen soundtrack.        

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  1. Your daughter swimming reminds me of my childhood. I prided myself in how long I could swim under water.

    1. Author

      It always makes me nervous when they start competing who can stay under the longest. Yikes. Although I did the same thing as a kid, I always ask them to play a different game. ;)

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