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weekend_03The last few months have consisited of moving, living with one bathroom, unpacking, living without a stove, homeschooling, fixing the fridge, unpacking some more, fixing the second bathroom, being without electricity, getting a new stove, building bookshelves, going to soccer games, fixing the fridge again, tearing down walls, going to dance recitals, building out our closet–and as a result, I’ve been struggling to find some work flow here (or anywhere for that matter). Each time I have a few simple days strung together it seems the rug–and all of the construction dust on it–is swept out from under me/us again. Life is dirty and unpredictable right now, and I’m doing my best to go with it.

Last weekend, our good friends (Danny and Buck) helped Mark replace and bring up to code all of the electrical wire in our home. I can’t say enough how impressed I am with them. Over those three days they worked almost 40 hours, finishing after midnight on Sunday night–which meant aside from meal drop-offs, we didn’t see Mark for three days. We also temporarily moved back into Kristen and Tim’s house, which honestly felt a bit like coming home from university. The house was clean, the kitchen in tact, and at the end of the day, we could plop on the couch to watch a movie. Simple pleasures, really. On Saturday, I worked my first wedding with Fidelis (eep!), preparing for an exciting transition with them soon. Kristen and Tim left town for the beach early Sunday morning, and HGTV showed up at their house to film House Hunters with our friends Tiffany and Corey who are moving to town. Yes, that’s right. We spent Sunday filming with them, trying to go about “normal life” with boom mikes and large cameras in our face. Given the circumstances of our real life, I found the whole situation horribly ironic. The kids loved it though. The camera crew generously shared  information about their equipment and jobs with them and helped make the experience memorable.

At some point between the cameras and running food/drinks to Mark and the other guys,  I noticed a tiny, collarless puppy wandering our driveway. The kids jumped out of the car, scooped her up, and pleaded to keep her. We took care of her that day and night, but ultimately I had to make the cold-hearted decision–no. Sadly, we couldn’t possibly take care of a puppy right now (refer to the first paragraph). The girls sulked a bit until I explained all the care and attention little puppies require. Content with the answer, they ran off to play in the other room, while I  greeted Monday, a welcome rest.



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  1. What a crazy week! How cool that your friends will be on House Hunters?! Hope you have a (relatively) relaxing weekend.

  2. Bethany –

    I recently found Cloistered Away and while I’m not sure how, I am sincerely thankful that I did. I’ve since gone back and read quite a few old posts and I wanted to say how much I enjoy your outlook on life, priorities, motherhood, womanhood, etc., but I also truly enjoy your writing.

    I’m not a big of blogs, to be honest, because I struggle with people sharing what looks too often like a very intentionally crafted “online” life or the constant push to buy/have more of the “right things”. But this, this is refreshing in it’s appropriate transparency and grounded roots.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing.



    1. Author

      Autumn, your words are such a gift to me today. Truly. It can be difficult in our culture to be true to who you are online, especially when it’s not the most popular or flashy content. I’m learning to rest in the Lord and be true to who I am in this space. Thank you for you encouragement. xx

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