In the Kitchen with Esther Meinel-Zottl
“In the Kitchen” is a series celebrating the family table––the food we eat, the spaces we inhabit, and the people with whom we share it all. Each edition welcomes a new voice to this conversation on kitchen life
for the weekend | an outing to the garden shop
When I am among the trees, especially the willows and the honey locust, equally the beech, the oaks and the pines, they give off such hints of gladness. I would almost say that they save
for the weekend | a winter cocktail
It’s Friday, friends! Do you feel a deep sigh of relief, too? The weekend is here, and again I’m ready for it. I’m beginning a new series here this year creatively titled “for the weekend”–I know, how did
The Frio river
Last weekend our family traveled several hours west to spend a few days with friends near the Frio River.  I always love visiting that place. Tucked away from cell phone service and internet access, it
O Christmas Tree
This time of year always feels concentrated and rich, like a dark chocolate truffle–something special meant to be taken in slowly. Like so many of you, we are busy, busy this month, and I’m trying
here + there
Is anyone else sighing with relief that it’s Friday? I am, certainly. Today the kids and I will be spending the day playing/lunching with friends in the country, something all five of us desperately need,
here and there
I am still mentally swirling from my extended weekend trip to Virginia. As expected, the whole experience was both invigorating and exhausting, filling and depleting. I had forgotten the simplicity of traveling alone, the refreshment
weekend snippets
The last few months have consisited of moving, living with one bathroom, unpacking, living without a stove, homeschooling, fixing the fridge, unpacking some more, fixing the second bathroom, being without electricity, getting a new stove,
enchanted rock
This weekend we camped next to a 450 foot pink granite rock with birds to wake us and the stars to tuck us in. On Saturday, Burke’s birthday, the kids and I climbed a large boulder