enchanted rock



This weekend we camped next to a 450 foot pink granite rock with birds to wake us and the stars to tuck us in. On Saturday, Burke’s birthday, the kids and I climbed a large boulder in our PJs. I sipped my first coffee and watched glory rise up their backs and faces. Hundreds of feet below, Mark scrambled eggs and bacon over the fire patiently waiting for us, but only I returned, letting our little mountain goats free for a while on the littler rock. We climbed more that day until our winterized bodies pleaded for us to stop. “Oh dear,” Olive uttered, her eyes following my finger point to the summit, the place we’d climb. She’d be five in a few days, I reminded her, big enough to climb on her own. And we all did although often stopping for the littlest legs and to empty rocks from their sandals. “Step. By. Step,” she says. At the summit, the kids bounced across dark abysses and down into caves, without care or questions of ability. They laughed, implicitly trusting their instincts. It reminded me of parenting in that way, all the time fearlessly crossing abysses.

On Sunday, we abruptly woke up to cold rain drops on our faces. The same open roof that allows the stars, allows the rain. We quickly packed our tents and gear, running laps between our site and car. When we were finished, we drove away, our hearts panting and full.



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  1. i love you fourth-to-last image. you, b, exemplify a humility to not only lead your kids, but also to follow them as they grow up in maturity. espeially ollie :)

  2. I especially like the one of Liam’s face in the triangle shadow, but they are all so exquisite.
    My husband and son camped Friday night at Brazos Bend, then the girls and I met them for Saturday. We got really close to tiny baby alligators (and their very large mothers) and got sunburned, just before the temps dropped 40 degrees. Enchanted Rock is on our list…

    1. Author

      Patti! So good to hear from you, and thank you for all of your thoughtful words. I can see Liam’s 22 year-old face in the shadows, both beautiful and happening all too soon, I’m afraid. Your kids would love Enchanted Rock, only I would recommend waiting until the cooler months since there’s no water running through the park. Best to you guys.

  3. Lovely shots. We went to Enchanted Rock on our honeymoon! (just for the day though), and a few times since then.

    1. Author

      How fun! I’ve wanted to go for several years, but this was my first time. We’ll definitely visit again.

  4. What a beautiful landscape, and photographs that truly captured the essence of this trip. xo

    1. Author

      Thank you. It was absolutely beautiful and perfectly timed considering the nasty days that followed.

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