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Last week, I sprained my ankle while running with the kids. It was silly really–a moment of looking back to check on the younger girls while my feet still carried me forward right into one of my sons. I ended up rolling over my foot and planting onto the road–not one of my better moments.  Over the last several days, we’ve improvised much around here, and I’ve realized I take for granted how much my body intuits the needs around our home, my hands and feet working in different ways to accomplish similar tasks.


Honestly, it’s been a little frustrating breaking that coordinated activity this week, moving at half pace. In slowing down, I have had to work more intentionally or, even at times, not to work at all. As a result, the house has been messier and meals have taken longer. I have needed to direct each of my children more often, teaching them how to complete my usual tasks–I can see their accomplishment when they do so.

Olive begged me to take her hiking this weekend. I sadly reminded her of my injury, pointing to my wrapped foot and crutches. Instead, we opted to play and explore our backyard, a more manageable space for me to navigate. We both dressed, brushed our teeth (water spots are still on her shirt), and headed out into the cool morning for a little alone time together.


I hobbled behind her, as we observed the different plant life and patterns. I watched as she studied this space in a new way, seeking new hiding spots, swinging from and old grapevine in the trees. As an adult, I often forget how simple outdoor play can be, how much wonder still exists right in our backyard. As my body heals and I can do more again, I know I’ll be grateful for this simple reminder to slow down, for this small, simple adventure just out our door.

This post is sponsored by Alpine Baby Co., handmade organic clothing for little adventurers. Thank you for supporting businesses that help keep this space afloat. 

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  1. I hope you’re feeling much better soon! I adore that tee- just too cute. And I checked out the Alpine Baby site- I want all of it for my boys!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much, Sarah. Aren’t the clothes adorable? And soft, too (something that always seems important to my kiddos). ;)

    1. Author

      Thank you, Kaylan. She has such a fiery spirit, too–a great pair in my estimation. (Wink.)

  2. There are so many children who have lost touch with nature and all it offers – I love seeing your little girl getting to appreciate it! So adorable.

    1. Author

      It’s so true for children and adults alike. I love watching them learn among creation, something always larger than themselves.

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