Handmade | Gift Wrapping with Nature + Photographs
It may sound silly, but gift wrapping is one of my favorite parts of gift giving. It is the icing on the cake, the thoughtful finishing detail to what I always hope is a thoughtful
Rolling beeswax candles is perhaps one of my children’s favorite activities for the home, a task that needs tending more often in the autumn and winter seasons here. Most days, rolled candles array our mantle or tabletop,
uncommon goods for new parents
I have several friends who are currently pregnant, including three new nieces/nephews coming early next year! Eep! Many times, expectant parents already have in mind a few things they might need or want for their
turning six | a gift of experience
Blythe, this last year as I watched you shoot out of your lingering baby chubs and try to bite apples with missing front teeth, I realized too soon you’ll be learning to drive and talking
a {public} note about love: eleven years of marriage
Mark and I are married 11 years today, a year that has been the most difficult and yet binding; the kind of year that forces our heart roots, once shallow and neatly divided, deeper into
“i gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.”
My mom, with a $15 garage sale purchase, single-handily won Liam’s heart, again: a bike this time, not spider-man shoes. He’s been riding the pedal-less bike (Scuut) since we bought it for him two Christmases