on love |the messy sort that endures all
Mark, I wonder if I’ll ever forget that moment. That phone call. That evening, sitting by the pool at my parent’s house, talking about American Beauty, interrupted. Life, interrupted. I had only spent days with
“if we don’t feel the death, do we feel the resurrection?”
Life’s been hell these last several months, turned up-side-down as they say, whoever they are — although heart-inside-out-and-shred-like-spaghetti might be more like it.  I know this might seem melodramatic to you who read the more
sometimes we run; sometimes we crawl.
“We have nothing if not belief.” -Reepicheep, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (film) Mark walked in the room and found me watching an epic/adventure film. Again. This time it’s some part of The Lord of