Tread softly! All the earth is holy ground.

― Christina Rossetti

olive | your heart is full of laughter, especially when your father is swinging from a tree limb.

blythe | watering the large oak, you look so small, but you love being helpful and take great pride in your work, whatever it may be. this week, you informed us you want to study math and chemistry at a university some day. I have no doubt you could.

burke | helping your father clear out the garage this week. you are so good at taking care of details and are learning to be patient with those who tend to overlook them.

liam | every day you help me search the garden for unwanted pests. i appreciate this time with you, a bond formed by protecting a space we both love dearly. you are changing, as most boys your age are, and although some days it catches me off guard, I am not afraid. I expect they will be sweet in a very different way.

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