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11 | What was the most interesting thing you learned this week?

olive | Learning how to tie my shoes! | We’ve had so much rain the last two months. Our yard has been more like a marsh than a lawn, perfect for hunting worms and frogs and watching the birds gather their morning meals. On this day, with your rain gear and ear muffs, you wandered the yard, watching and singing.

blythe | In the book Pollyanna [what I’m reading right now], Pollyanna loves being outdoors and is always nice and polite and happy, even when the people around her are grumpy and mean. She teaches people the “glad game.”  | You, Olive, and I made wildflower seed balls together for a project this week. We’ve been now listing all of the places around town we plan to deposit them. Making and planning both make you so happy.

burke | Octopuses have three hearts. | Your collections of Calvin and Hobbes are tattered and coverless, some of them losing pages with every read, yet you still laugh aloud at your favorite parts.

liam | Terrapins are in the same family as turtles but are a little smaller and live in marshlands and beaches in the US. They almost became extinct because of hunting. | I recently purchased a few new picture books for you guys, and you can’t manage to put aside this one. I’ve been so grateful to remember your need for picture books, even as you grow older.

2015_week12-12015_week12-22015_week12-32015_week12-412 | What was your favorite part of our trip this weekend?

olive | I loved everything! Roasting marshmallows, the zip-line, being with friends! Just say everything. | On our first step into the freezing river, you squealed, “We’re living in the wilderness again!” Somehow your spirit seems proportionately sized in the outdoors, large and alive and full of endless curiosities.

blythe | My favorite part of the weekend was getting to hike and paddle-boat. | In spite of the icy cold water, you pleaded to swim in your clothes. And once you were quite wet, you wanted a dry, warm towel. It really was a little too cold for swimming yet.

burke | I love sleeping in a tent outside. | All weekend we kept finding you slinging arrows at the target or searching for various wildlife–the most unusual being a green lizard with a blue belly you discovered. You seem so peaceful and relaxed in nature, as though you have a mutual respect for one another.

liam | I liked all of the hiking we got to do. | Our friend had a high-powered pellet gun that you were able to use over the weekend. Although guns still somewhat terrify me as a mother, it was sweet to watch how responsibly you handled it, always making sure the other kids were nowhere near. Everyday I seem to notice more ways you’re growing up.

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