Today, I took the kids to go swimming. On the way (not really), I picked up a car-less friend who lives on this little dirt road, among over-grown landscape and wild vermin. Sounds appealing, right?
little words
The boys, like most young children, starve for new information. So, where do they go for bedtime stories? The encyclopedia, naturally. Well, the other night they wanted to read about dinosaurs, T-Rex in particular. After reading
Yesterday, we (the entire family) planted our first vegetable garden. I had no idea the amount of toil this would require, managing the kids and exactly how many seeds they dropped and in which places. Certainly Mark, who
little words
  I remember as a child and teenager hearing, “why are you so eager to grow up? What’s the rush?” Even as a little person, I idealized the future. Certainly, the mystery of the unknown,
happy 3rd birthday, sweet boy.
We’re late to be somewhere, anywhere. You approach me and ask, “Mom, will you put on my shoes?” I bend down, wrestling to force your limp foot into submission while supporting your weight bearing down
generations later, lewis would be proud
When Mark and I went to London for our honeymoon, we found this quaint bookshop full of all sorts of literary treasure, old and new.  In it we found a hardbound compilation of the Chronicles of Narnia,
the powdered sugar incident
So this last week I’ve been cleaning out the kids rooms of toys, books, and needless junk to make room for more toys, books, and needless junk. Anyway, the other day while in the midst
little words
me: Do you want to color? Liam: Yeah, that would be great! Let’s color in this book. me: No, let’s color these pages here. Liam: No mom, if you want to color, these are your
little words
Burke: I don’t like cats. Bethany: Why don’t you like cats, Burke? Burke: They want to poop in my sandbox. ——————————————————————— (Mark is correcting Liam and poking his finger into Liam’s chest.) Mark: Don’t…again. Liam: