all about reading + the moveable alphabet
Reading was (and still is) one of the more intimidating parts for me of teaching my children at home.  On one hand, like so many other parents, I want my children to LOVE reading, not
Homeschooling Anywhere with Mamoo Kids
From a young age, my children have each had their own bags, fitted to their size for a few of their favorite things. It seemed an easy way to teach them about responsibility and forethought
homeschool favorites // the story of the world
The history curriculum, The Story of the World, is certainly one of my favorite resources we use at home. Although my husband has a graduate degree in History, I have always felt fairly weak in this area,
et lux in tenebris lucet . . .
“And the light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not.” John 1:5 We’ve been memorizing John 1:1-7 in English and Latin this year with our CC community (another perk for our family