November | December outtakes
I always mourn how these two months seem to seep through my fingers each year, but something this year felt even faster. Maybe it was the trip to Chicago or my kiddos’ growing energy (and
the holidays, part two
Mark’s never been much of a dancer. He attributes it to a “lack of rhythm,” that thing that allows most people to clap and sing at the same time. And in spite of his enormous
our holidays, part 1
Mark’s dad and step-mom gifted us with a week at a lakeside condo in East Texas with an indoor waterpark.  Winter coats? Check. Warm clothing and PJs? Check. Christmas presents? Check. Swimsuits, goggles, and purple lips?
the snowy day
We don’t get much snow here in central Texas; endless, hot summer days infested by mosquitos seem to be more our thing. So when giant, icy cotton balls fall from the sky, here, it is magical.
merry christmas 2008
Christmas quotes: “This is SO amazing!” -Liam “This is totally awesome!” -Burke “Happy Christmas-House!” -Blythe
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, part one
I really love the Christmas season: pageants and ballets, music and lights, Christmas trees, hot chocolate (or peppermint mocha’s), white elephants, parties, friends and family, and of course for the Douglass family, a little thing called