a rainy weekend: winter’s prelude
It has rained for days now. A cold, relentless rain. I look toward our cactus still propped on our outdoor table, now hunched over like an old man, withering. Cold has a way of making us
only once
Things never happen the same way twice. ― C.S. Lewis The morning is slow, rare for us on any day, especially on a Saturday. Mark has left town for the weekend and the kids and I
. . . Sometimes I dream that everything in the world is here, in my room, in a great closet, named and orderly, and I am here too, in front of it, hardly able to
threads | wine night
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10   These long, blustery January nights are the perfect excuse to host a small, spontaneous gathering
We’ve moved into this new year like a sleep-deprived mother moves out of bed — slowly, bed-head and all. Although Mark did remove the Christmas tree to the fire pit area of our backyard, our
a merry Christmas indeed.
I know. I know. We’re into the first week of 2013 and I’m still talking about  Christmas. Here’s the thing: Christmas isn’t a day or even a weekend for us; it’s a week and a
November | December outtakes
I always mourn how these two months seem to seep through my fingers each year, but something this year felt even faster. Maybe it was the trip to Chicago or my kiddos’ growing energy (and
the holidays, part two
Mark’s never been much of a dancer. He attributes it to a “lack of rhythm,” that thing that allows most people to clap and sing at the same time. And in spite of his enormous
our holidays, part 1
Mark’s dad and step-mom gifted us with a week at a lakeside condo in East Texas with an indoor waterpark.  Winter coats? Check. Warm clothing and PJs? Check. Christmas presents? Check. Swimsuits, goggles, and purple lips?