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We’ve moved into this new year like a sleep-deprived mother moves out of bed — slowly, bed-head and all. Although Mark did remove the Christmas tree to the fire pit area of our backyard, our ornaments and other accouterments lie waiting in piles to be nestled back in the attic until next November.  I’ll get to it soon. For now, we’ve started our school routine again, practicing having an agenda for the day beyond brushing your teeth and getting dressed and playing (because it takes practice, you know). We’ve had several days of cold, gloomy winter weather and heavy rain the last two — which I will never complain about after experiencing a year + of drought — so we’ve been spending more time indoors this week than usual. Here’s us lately:

1. bundling up in warm layers (Mark refers to this one as my “lumberjack”)

2. smothering the kitchen table with school work and projects again

3. reading in our beds

4. venturing (even in the rain) to our farmer’s market

5. enjoying the simple life (but also swooning over Swedish farmhouses)

6. playing ENDLESS amounts of indoor basketball in the boys’ room (thanks to a Christmas gift from Jordan + Christa)

7. waking up to “say cheese!”

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  1. My kids love the series of books your son is depicted reading here. It’s a wonderful little set of biographies. So wonderful to see your family is enjoying the winter weather, even when you can’t get out to enjoy the world as well. We’ve been doing much the same here!

      1. My daughter loves the one on Amelia Earhart and Sacajawea. I think I remember reading one with my daughter about Joan of Arc (we own a couple and borrowed a few, but it’s been so long that I can’t remember). My oldest son likes the one about King Tut. We’re going to be tracking down some more of the books once we get some new bookshelves in here because my sons want to have the whole series. The Amelia Earhart book was actually the first book my daughter read all by herself (well, with a little help for some of the more challenging words) and she thinks they’re completely inspirational. They’re wonderful intro biographies and the kids think they’re just as great as the “You Wouldn’t Want To Be” books for introducing history.

        1. Good to know. My kids love them, too! I’m always looking for them in used bookstores. I’ll keep my eyes open for the King Tut in particular — my boys would love it. Thanks for sharing, Fox! I’m always interested to hear about other kids’ interests to inspire my own.

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