happy father’s day.


These single days of the year we set aside to salute the parents in our lives feel to me a bit like fitting a blue whale in my 5′ bathtub. I usually try to make the most of it with more decadent breakfasts or planned adventures, but this year, most of the ideas I planned for the day fell apart; my small gift was back-ordered; the house was a mess; the kids were bickering; and so on. Sigh. Can we please reschedule Father’s Day for next week? In effort to salvage dad’s day, as we were finishing our simple breakfast on our regular dishes in our normal way, I asked the kids to share what they love the most about their dad, for him to hear their voices, their love:

Olive: He buys me cupcakes! (Although neither of us think this has actually ever happened, Olive is convinced.)

Blythe: His snuggles.

Burke: His jokes and when he takes us out for doughnuts.

Liam: He lets me tear down things with him.

Although these words are hardly encompassing of Mark’s fatherhood, it reminded me how uncomplicated it is to tell someone they’re important.  Fancy and fun always entertain, but the heart is actually quite simple. So today, among the frenzy and normalcy of our day, I celebrate you, Mark. I love your story-telling, horse-playing, directive but humble fatherhood. You are quite an exceptional dad, and I’m glad to be with you in all. this.

Dads, we also celebrate you, who have for years taken bathtub-sized compliments for whale-sized work. We get it now.

Happy Father’s Day.

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