new years resolutions: 2008


new years champagne

Well, we’re back from our whirlwind Christmas in north Texas; I’ll post some pictures soon.  But, today is the first day of the new year: fresh starts, bright beginnings…etc. It’s time to assess the past and dream of the future: it’s time for resolutions. So, I thought you might enjoy hearing a few of my own:

1. Work-out (at gym or outside) 3 days a week. I know it’s cliche. But this was last year’s goal, and seeing that it only happened twice, it’s still a legitimate goal.

2. Try a new recipe once a week. Also last year’s goal, and I was successful until about October. I’m pushing through in 2008. 

3. Finish a book. I know it’s sad. It’s the biggest thing that I miss in this little life –reading time. I have time, but right now it’s sporadic. I have a really difficult time getting into a book that I might have to read over a month or two. So, I either skim or don’t finish it at all.

Anyone want to share their personal resolutions? I would love to hear them!


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  1. My resolve-olutions are as follows:

    1) take more time to enjoy my ice cream. I have been rushing it and it deserves my time.

    2) make a pie periodically. a deluge of pie at thanksgiving is just not cutting it.

    3) work out more: see resolutions 1&2.

    4) be more laid-back as I work. I stress too much.

    5) more sleep-overs for the nephews.

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