We officially began our new homeschool year last week giving us something more to do with these hot August days. Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to around here:

1. reading The Burgess Bird Book for Children in the backyard during our morning read-a-loud time. As Liam noted, “it’s both a story and a book of facts about birds.” We’re learning to look and listen to birds around us differently and loving it. It contains black and white sketches of most of the birds in the story, telling detailed descriptions of their appearance, nesting habits, and personalities.

2. getting plenty of use out of our new fire pit area (even without a fire) for snack time and read-a-loud.

3. wearing tutus to school. (Well, Blythe is anyway.)

4. working hard on our more formal homeschool lessons around the kitchen table.

5. enjoying the apple Liam brought me one afternoon for a snack, commenting with a smirk, “an apple for my teacher.”

6. still harvesting our summer garden and planning for our first fall garden.

7. ascending into the trees several times a day.

8. taking Olive for her first trip to the dentist; she posed for this picture right beforehand. By the way, the hour the kids are having their teeth cleaned I get to hang out with a book in the waiting room.  Who knew I would ever look forward to their dental trips so much?

9. playing in water in any way we can to keep cool: pools, splash pads, sprinklers.

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  1. Funny–I just ordered the Burgess Bird book 10 minutes before I clicked over here and read this. Wonderful symmetry! I’m hoping that Harper, who is enchanted (I almost used the word ‘obsessed’ but decided it was a touch negative) with all things avian, will be occupied for many a happy hour.

    Started back with our CC group today! It’s nice to get a bit more structure in our week. Now if I can just get our school space at home completely situated and organized and inviting..

    1. Oh she’ll love it! Although helping her keep a list of characters might be helpful. We’re about 10 chapters in, and thus far, 2-3 new characters/chapter are introduced (of course, each is a new bird with new details and characteristics). We’ve really been enjoying it!

      I’m quite excited about starting our CC year again (next week for us) for that same reason. Plus it’s always nice to see friends on a “school day.” I’ll let you know next time we’re down your way for a field trip or something; I’d love to meet up!

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