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We drove over 5000 miles on our trip to the West Coast this summer, just the six of us piled into our ‘Burban. I admit that somewhere in the process, I grew a little addicted to the road–these strips of concrete interconnecting otherwise random landscapes and cities and people. We traveled through desert scape for most of the trip, watching the land rise into plateaus, oscillating in various shades of brown and red, then shifting into jagged white rocks, and finally into coastal greens. Not knowing how the kids would handle the long trip, we bought a DVD player for the car, but when we were barely across the Texas border, Olive disassembled the adapter. Sigh. We could have popped into any major city and found a replacement, yet by that point, I realized the kids also were enjoying the shaping land. Between the books and conversation and intermittent napping, we didn’t need a movie. Music, however, was a non-negotiable. Here’s some of the tunes that filled the air during those 5,000 miles. I hope you enjoy them where ever the road takes you this weekend.


1. The Ghost on the Shore Lord Huron | 2. Human Daughter | 3. White Owl Josh Garrels | 4. Obvious Bicycle Vampire Weekend | 5. Fake Fealty Balmorhea | 6. Fortunate Son Cat Power | 7. Fireproof The National |8.  D. Song Yppah |9.  If I Be Wrong Wolf Larsen | 10. Song for Zula Phosphorescent | 11. Into Black Blouse | 12. No Widows The Antlers | 13. Kasper Sea Wolf | 13. Prelude for Time Feelers Eluvium | 14. Myth Beach House | 15. Wonderwall Ryan Adams | 16. Buffalo The Phoenix Foundation | 17. Winter Daughter | 18. Blood The Middle East

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  1. love music. look forward to being introduced to something new. thanks.

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