new home

bits of home
I unpacked the last of the kitchen this week, ignoring the handful of small details around the space we’re still waiting to complete, grateful to be making food here again. Even the kids have welcomed
our kitchen inspiration
Mark and I dry-fit our kitchen cabinets today, and I’ll admit it was wonderful seeing some more of our vision for this space come together. I’ll share more pictures of the progress soon, but for
bits of home
Between the time change last weekend, our absent children, and this move, the last week has been disorienting and awkward, especially online. We’ve been restoring and repairing our home as we’ve been moving in, and
white paint.
Our current home–the one my sister and brother-in-law willingly shared with us these last 10 months, the one we’ll be leaving next week–is currently littered with unfolded clothing and boxes, like a war zone. We’ve
our new home: the desecrated becoming sacred
Wendell Berry once wrote, “There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.” I couldn’t help mulling these words as we walked through our new property this weekend, laden with disrepair
Home is the nicest word there is. ― Laura Ingalls Wilder liam // opening the windows in his new bedroom burke // sweeping up the mess after we tore out the old, dingy carpet blythe //