Tortilla Soup | Comfort in a Time of Isolation


When the nation was first moved into isolation last week with COVID-19 and the grocery stores emptied of basic staples, all I could think about was soup. Not really, but partly. It was overcast and cold, and the emotional climate felt the same. Mark and I waited in long lines talking with strangers listening to their forecast and fret, and although I stood outside the market doors alongside them, I could only imagine how a large bowl of homemade soup would comfort the mood.

Tortilla Soup is a regular menu stand-in in our home, one that leans on canned or preserved goods that may be easier to come by right now. We often add shredded chicken from a rotisserie or leftover from a different meal. But it is hearty enough to stand on its own without it, too. I have been making some version of this soup for years, adding or taking away based on what I have on hand. I sometimes stretch it by adding broth the next day and another can of beans or veggies. If you have small children or anyone sensitive to spice, use the mild enchilada sauce and plan to add a dash of red pepper flakes to your own bowl. Wherever you find yourself tucked away from the world right now, be comforted and remember you’re not alone. Communal meals and outings will come again soon. Sending love, friends.

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