The summer season offers us opportunities, wrapped in sunshine, beyond our normal experience. The blur of passing scapes paired with a good tune creates whimsy and a sense of adventure. Guitar chords. The changing horizon. The hum of rolling asphalt. Rhythm. Whether you are on your way to the water, the mountains, or a friend’s house this summer, I hope this playlist will feed your sense of adventure.

I Know Bayonne | Wheat Wilderado | Fool for Love Lord Huron | South Hippo Campus |We Will All Be Changed Seryn | Notice Vodi | Town & Country Bibio | Pictures of Girls Wallows |Better Views Yellow House | Down the Line Beach Fossils |Seabirds Monohans | Same Bayonne

I took a walk in the backyard this week, noticing the wildflower “weeds” rising to the early morning sun in adoration. Perhaps at the first warm light of Spring, we appear the same, pulling upward, our bare feet rooted, our heads lifted to the sky. Spring is a season of hope. We plant seeds in the earth and clear unnecessaries from our cabinets and closets. Intuitively, we renew. Spring is dawning. For those of you awakening this season, here are some soft notes to accompany you.

Dawning on Spotify

Field Keaton Heston | Mindful Towr’s | Good Friday Josh Garrels | Montana Youth Lagoon | Only Love Ben Howard | Big Black Car Gregory Alan Isakov | Each to Each Penny and Sparrow | Holocene Bon Iver | The Only Thing Sufjan Stevens | Paint The Paper Kites | Do You Rise Ian Randall Thorton | Morning Francis and the Lights | Heartbeats José Gonzalez | The Woods Hollow Coves | Berlin Corey Kilgannon |  Go Solo Tom Rosenthal | Hope Daughter | Berlin RY X | Saturn Sleeping at Last


It will be another month before the leaves begin to fall and the Autumn season remains–my favorite part of the year. Until then, we’re waiting, preparing our home with Fall scents, tastes, and sounds. We’re spending more of our days outdoors and tracing the shifting light indoors. Each season, our home comes alive in a new way, and I’m grateful. Here’s a few sounds floating through our space these days, a mixture of rhythms reflecting the variety of this season–and the perfect way to begin a new week, I think. Happy Monday.


My Mind was a Fog Hammock | From Gold Novo Amor | Maneater Grace Mitchell | Over My Head Caveman | Cloudline Joesph | Hard as Nails Peter Wolf Crier | Closer JMR | Always Panama | Ram’s Head Seawolf |South Racing Glaciers

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Although beginnings happen in small ways everyday, from our morning routines to new relationships and jobs and homes, this is the season we celebrate them, give tribute to them. We imagine and create on otherwise blank slates, envisioning what new will come from this particular beginning. So whether you’re enjoying your morning coffee or scratching out dreams, here’s a few sounds filled with energy and hope to keep you company. Happy Monday, everyone.

1. Pieces Black Bear | 2Another StoryThe Head and the Heart | 3. The Lion the Beast the Beat  Grace Potter & the Nocturnal | 4. Before the Beginning Young Oceans | 5. I am Mountain Gungor | 6. Clean Slate M. Ward | 7. Disparate Youth Santigold  |  8. Leaves in the RiverSea Wolf | 9. Sleeping LessonsThe Shins | 10. Explode My Soul  Jonathan David and Melissa Helser  |  11.Low RoarLow Roar

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2013-10-03 14.51.16

We drove over 5000 miles on our trip to the West Coast this summer, just the six of us piled into our ‘Burban. I admit that somewhere in the process, I grew a little addicted to the road–these strips of concrete interconnecting otherwise random landscapes and cities and people. We traveled through desert scape for most of the trip, watching the land rise into plateaus, oscillating in various shades of brown and red, then shifting into jagged white rocks, and finally into coastal greens. Not knowing how the kids would handle the long trip, we bought a DVD player for the car, but when we were barely across the Texas border, Olive disassembled the adapter. Sigh. We could have popped into any major city and found a replacement, yet by that point, I realized the kids also were enjoying the shaping land. Between the books and conversation and intermittent napping, we didn’t need a movie. Music, however, was a non-negotiable. Here’s some of the tunes that filled the air during those 5,000 miles. I hope you enjoy them where ever the road takes you this weekend.


1. The Ghost on the Shore Lord Huron | 2. Human Daughter | 3. White Owl Josh Garrels | 4. Obvious Bicycle Vampire Weekend | 5. Fake Fealty Balmorhea | 6. Fortunate Son Cat Power | 7. Fireproof The National |8.  D. Song Yppah |9.  If I Be Wrong Wolf Larsen | 10. Song for Zula Phosphorescent | 11. Into Black Blouse | 12. No Widows The Antlers | 13. Kasper Sea Wolf | 13. Prelude for Time Feelers Eluvium | 14. Myth Beach House | 15. Wonderwall Ryan Adams | 16. Buffalo The Phoenix Foundation | 17. Winter Daughter | 18. Blood The Middle East

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