mixtape no. 05 | fall



It will be another month before the leaves begin to fall and the Autumn season remains–my favorite part of the year. Until then, we’re waiting, preparing our home with Fall scents, tastes, and sounds. We’re spending more of our days outdoors and tracing the shifting light indoors. Each season, our home comes alive in a new way, and I’m grateful. Here’s a few sounds floating through our space these days, a mixture of rhythms reflecting the variety of this season–and the perfect way to begin a new week, I think. Happy Monday.


My Mind was a Fog Hammock | From Gold Novo Amor | Maneater Grace Mitchell | Over My Head Caveman | Cloudline Joesph | Hard as Nails Peter Wolf Crier | Closer JMR | Always Panama | Ram’s Head Seawolf |South Racing Glaciers

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  1. I love fall and the changing of seasons. I also love music taliored to events and times of day, so why not to the seasons too! I have Spotify, so I am so excited to listen to this playlist! Thanks!

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