2015_week14-12015_week14-22015_week14-32015_week14-414 | What does courage mean? Can you think of a time when you had to be really courageous?

olive | It was brave when I slept without my blanket and when I stopped sucking my thumb. | This week you helped Dad plant and water new tree sprigs in the yard. You’re happiest when your hands have something to do–also when no one wakes you up in the morning.

blythe | Courage means being really brave. Sometimes I’ve had to be brave to tell the truth. I also had to be brave to go on the zip-line the first time. | You innately want to take care of things and others around you–something I love about you– but sometimes I have to remind you not to parent your siblings. Perhaps this causes the most tension between you and Olive–your longing for order and care-taking, and Olive’s independence and contentment with chaos. Although some days are really difficult, I’m so grateful that you’re learning now how to be merciful and gentle with your gifts.

burke | Courage is sacrifice. It means you’re willing to do something no one else will do, like when I have enough money to buy something for myself, but choose to share it with someone else or buy something to share. | You know how to work and rest well. In one moment, you might be steadily swinging a sledge hammer to help take down our mini-brick wall and another moment lying on the sidewalk like a cat in the sun, motionless for several minutes at a time.

liam | It means you stand tall when you lose hope. I had to have courage when I got stitches and when I crushed my finger in the door a couple of years ago. I don’t like when painful things happen to me.  | You had to get stitches in your knee this week after you fell while climbing a fence. The doctor had to remove a large splinter of wood from your leg, but you cringed the most about the shot they had to give you for numbing. Like your father, you despise needles.


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  1. beautiful words! they are very wise! :)

    i just love your photography and I was curious if you have a post on how you approach photography- your gear, how you edit, tips/ tricks, etc.? SO happy to have found your blog- very inspiring!!! :)

    1. Author

      Thank you, Therese! And welcome here. I haven’t at this point done any photography posts, but I have a few planned in the next month. So stay tuned ;)

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