2015_week202015_week20-22015_week20-32015_week20-4olive | You seem to be shifting daily, looking less and less little each day. You’ve been sleeping later this week, some days until mid-morning, an indication you might be growing or working harder to keep up with your older siblings.

blythe | Although you are maturing into older things and conversations, I’m so grateful you still love to play, to imagine. I hope that part of your spirit always remains alive.

burke | Your quiet disposition keeps me guessing as a parent more than any of the other kids, and you surprise me with the most thoughtful (and sometimes random) moments. Thank you.

liam | You helped clear another section of our yard last weekend, in a moment of rare sunshine. The next morning you woke up, your eyes sealed shut from an allergic reaction to poison ivy. Your face has now cleared, but was still puffy and patchy when I took this image of you. We’ll leave the details for our own privacy.

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  1. It’s always so fun following the life of you and your kiddies! Thanks for sharing and inspiring! :)
    Two questions for you…..where did you get those fabulous scarves and did you make the wooden squared trellis, in your garden, or could I find it ready made? :)

    Peace of Christ~

    1. Author

      Haha! Thank you, Elisabeth. Yes, I bought the trellis at Loews, and it’s been perfect. It was a tad pricier than if we had made it ourselves, but inexpensive enough to save the time. ;) As for the scarves, I received them from Roza at Shovava–aren’t they incredible? I’m actually going to share with all of my readers soon. She hand-paints and screen prints them. They’re so beautiful and soft!

      1. Awesome! Thanks, and look forward to seeing the scarf post! :) Have a great week!!!!

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