5 solutions for unruly hair


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easy-hairIt’s been six months since my last hair cut, and with Spring and Summer’s humidity looming, I’m preparing for the coming months of unruly hair. The easy solution would be to get a hair cut, but in the meantime, I’ve been looking for a few easy ways to tie up my hair and divert from the typical side braid. Here’s a few simple ideas and tutorials I hope to try over the next few weeks. How about you? Do you have any tricks for taming unruly hair you want to share? I’d love to hear.

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    1. Author

      I completely agree, Elizabeth. I need to spend a little more time branching out into some new styles. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. top knots are a go-to. also, when my hair’s wet and no time to dry, i twist back each side and then twist up the back in to a big clip. looks good up and dries in to nice big waves. love that scarf-wrapped bun too!

    1. Author

      My top knots never look like more than gym or I’m-about-take-a-shower hair. Maybe I’m doing something wrong or have the wrong head-shape for it. Hmm. You’ve inspired me to try again. Thanks Bri.

  3. Headbands + a top knot are my best friends on those unruly days :) have a great weekend!

    1. Author

      Oh man. I wear a top knot too often I’m afraid, which never seems to look quite as cute as they do on other girls. Maybe I need a headband to help me out. Thank you for the suggestion, Emily. : )

    1. Author

      Yes! This reminds me to find a new large-rimmed sun hat. Both of mine have been obliterated in the move. I must try the fancy bobby pins and your ideas. Thanks girl.

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