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be-still.jpgMy life doesn’t naturally provide space for stillness, physically, mentally, or spiritually. It’s strange to think of stillness as a discipline, but as a young mother, it is. In stillness (without my phone or computer), I can listen. Really listen. I can listen to my thoughts, to my dreams. I can hear my husband and my children–really hear them, really see them. In stillness, I can hear God speak; I can hear promise and hope. In stillness, I receive life. Every. Time. I realized this morning I haven’t been very protective of this sort of stillness. So many TO DOs regularly compete for that place, convincing me to keep moving in the name of productivity. Although producing anything feels good in a different way, it doesn’t restore me like stillness. So these are the words I want to share with you also: be still. Put aside productivity and TO DOs and your phone,  even for ten minutes

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  1. Amen! There are nights when I have to leave my phone in my room, ringer on loud, in case my husband calls. I hate how much I can be consumed by such a tiny gadget. Thank you for your words.

    1. thank you for sharing yours! Yes, my phone is always on or near me–a hard habit to break. I also have to be more intentional about turning it over or turning off the notifications. Leaving it in another room is a great idea. I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks, Amberly!

    1. Yes! For me, too. But it’s so good when I learn to have that time regularly. It revives my creativity and patience and focus. Thanks for sharing!

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