a summer afternoon



Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language. — Henry James

Last weekend we traveled south to a sweet family wedding near the South Texas coast. With buying and working on our home this summer, travel has been minimal, more often equating to spurts of quality moments and experiences in the everyday normality. I use the word normality loosely. Although the weekend was brief and our beach time even briefer, it was good to lather our souls with sand and salt and sun for an afternoon on Mustang Island. We rode a ferry and climbed the jetties, watching sea turtles dive for food and various fish wiggle by us. With sticky bodies, we moved to a more remote beach, where we floated on the waves, collected mollusks,  jumped from the dunes, and chased the sun and seagulls until our bellies grumbled for dinner. It was the most beautiful of summer afternoons, the most beautiful summer gift.

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  1. Your trip looks splendid! It’s such a pleasure to get awaya and recharge. Lovely photos by the way!

    1. Author

      I completely agree! It’s always amazing how little it takes to restore. And thank you, Jennifer. x

  2. We just got back from a short trip to the beach! I like just sitting at the edge of the sand, letting the waves lap over me. The water wasn’t very peaceful this time but I enjoyed it anyway! Glad your family was able to grab a little time away, too. You needed it for sure!

    1. Author

      Thank you, Sarah. And yes, we did need it. Of course, I always prefer that time to be longer, but this year, we’ll take whatever we can and enjoy. I’m glad you had a bit of the same–a little sun, sand, and water works wonders on the soul. ;)

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