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It seems the end of September has already arrived — the time of year I begin dreaming of wool and blankets and fires and colored leaves and long pants with sweaters, only to remember I live in central Texas, Summer’s kingdom. The kids played in the sprinklers today, which seemed appropriate for the ninety degree weather we had this week, and I found myself peeling layers as the day went on, realizing I cannot actually will Fall to come by wearing Fall-ish clothing. But I am trying. I mourn this missing season every year, lamely ordering a special pumpkin-spiced latte iced because I can’t stand the idea of sitting in my 80 degree home drinking warm frothed milk or passing by and ignoring the large round pumpkins, knowing they’d rot long before we made it to carving season. I know. If Mark were to chime in here, he’d mockingly tell me these are first-world problems, and he’s right. Then he’d proceed to tell me how wonderful Texas is because we’re never freezing or having to shovel snow. But. No. Fall.

The only true sign we have of Fall’s nearness: our trees are hailing acorns. Hailing being the only appropriate word. If you drop by our home, take cover. Or at least, don’t look to the sky. In a lame attempt to cherish my favorite season, this afternoon the kids and I scoured the driveway and lawn for acorns still attached to their “hats.” We collected our treasures in cups, dumping them out to examine the variety of colors and sizes. Pleased with our findings, we talked briefly about the acorns’ job and why the tree hails so many of them. Then we wiped our sweaty faces and headed indoors for the air conditioning. Come, Fall, come!

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  1. We used to live in Central Texas not all that long ago. We didn’t have acorns though. Our hint at fall was the pecans raining down from the trees. Now we’ve moved north (North Central Texas) and there’s no sign at all but a few leaves haphazardly scattered across the park. Some of the trees are losing their leaves, but there’s no fall foliage. There are no bright colors heralding the change of seasons.

    I miss it too. I wish we could have our classic New England fall. I want to see the trees alive with color. I even miss packing up in warm woolies instead of wondering how hot September really needs to be. I’ve got mixed feelings about the whole thing.

    1. I would love a New England fall, even if just for a visit! I’m glad to have the rain and cool air this weekend, though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I too love the cooler weather and wish I could will it here faster as well. There’s just something so comfortable and safe about being inside with our flannel pj’s on. I am in Houston, so I understand where you’re coming from! Surely we’ll have a cold front soon!!!

    1. Yes! Sooon! I’m also ready to be cozy with a cold blast of air to the face. I hope it’s soon.

  3. I have been grateful for our mild fall weather so far. In a place where it can get cold in a hurry, I am still wearing shorts and sandals. But I know the “feeling” of fall that you are seeking. It is a comfortable, cozy season.

    1. Yes. Maybe that’s it Janelle — “a cozy season.” After months of sweating and playing hard in the sun, I am longing for a retreat and to be cozy. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Bethany… Can’t help but wish you were here enjoying the cool air with us, but that’s all the time here, land of perpetual fall… I feel your pain, and I don’t care what Mark says, whatever it takes to get fall is worth it in my opinion. I’ve had a longstanding vision, more like a ‘sense’ of fall -it’s this image that comes to mind often – a road lined with trees exploding with color, leaves everywhere. I think it’s the Lord’s way of loving me, this image. I feel such an eternal longing with this image… and thus my support of your longing for fall. Something of the Lord in it for sure. First world problems, but whole world longings.

    1. Yes! “whole world longings.” We regularly refer to California as the land of milk and honey around here. And I completely agree: beholding the Lord’s beauty and color amidst cool air sounds idyllic. Miss you guys.

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