happy 5th birthday burke.
You are a force, Burke. Not the force, but a force nonetheless. Whether throwing your body to tackle someone or wrapping your legs and arms around another for a large hug, you play and love hard.
Mark:  Hey Liam, you want a powerball (granola treat)? Liam: Sure. I’ll eat it in the vacant lot with my brother. Mark: Hey, take one to Burke. Liam: Okay. Oh — I’ll throw this wrapper away
30th birthday
As promised, here are some pics from my 30 birthday party (about 6 months pregnant) earlier this month; as usual, they’re courtesy of Kristen and Tim. So many people did so much to help make this happen, from
blueberry + cranberry-orange scones
I picked up this little recipe from my dear friend, Lynn, and they’re wonderful. I did have to add a little bit more cream because the dough was too dry to gather. They look impressive,
delicious nori wraps
I discovered the ocean vegetable, Nori, in the health food store a couple of weeks ago, and it’s delicious. It’s the same seaweed used in Sushi, so I suppose if you don’t like Sushi or California rolls, you
stuffed stromboli bread
This is a Rachael Ray meal, altered a tad. She called for broccoli rabe. I couldn’t find it, so I used a mixture of kale and spinach. Kristen and I made this together, so we doubled the recipe and made
I have been snacking on this stuff for the last couple of days…and it is de-li-cious! I wish I would have discovered it when I was pregnant. So, I thought surely at least one of my
grilled portabella sandwich
For the last…well, a long time, I’ve wanted to create some way of organizing the random meals that I make, love, and then can’t seem to remember when I need them. And several of you