mix tape no. 01 // the open road
We drove over 5000 miles on our trip to the West Coast this summer, just the six of us piled into our ‘Burban. I admit that somewhere in the process, I grew a little addicted to
I ♥ the 80s. At least the modern throwback to the 80s. The boys asked me the other day in what year I was born, and when I responded, “the end of 1978” they both
So in this all-knowing-self-help-reference-book age of parenting, most of us realize how valuable it is to read to our kids and for our kids to spend time “reading” to themselves. But, in the overwhelming market of children’s literature, it can
please understand me!
                    This book is about personalities. What do I think about it? Let’s just say that I have been reading, rereading, thinking about, and internalizing this book for the last year. I know — it’s