in the bag
Have you read The Goldfinch yet? When Bri from Mamages asked me to share what I’ve been carrying around in my bag recently, I had to include this read. I’ve literally toted it with me
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We’ve been trying to regain some sort of routine this week, and of course, are still unpacking and shifting around spaces. Still, I’m grateful it’s Friday. This weekend we’ll be going to early Saturday morning
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I can’t believe we’re already entering our last full week of March next week, but I’m grateful Spring has arrived again. The sun has been warmer and already I’m dreaming of day trips to the
mixtape no. 04
We’re right in the middle of our move now, straddled between two places, sleeping on floors, loading and unloading until exhaustion. The sun has been shining the last two days, reminding me that Winter is
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Hallelujah, it’s Friday! This week, in addition to all our typical work, we’ve been busy plugging away on our new space and are planning to spend the weekend painting the indoors and cleaning out more
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We watched the sun rise this morning for the first time in weeks due to clouds, the perfect and most simplest of gifts on Valentine’s Day. Although I’m not sure why, this week seemed particularly
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I’m not sure if it’s the grey skies or the cold, damp air, but I’ve felt so tired this week. This weekend, I’m looking forward to some restful time in PJs (by 8:00 last night),
mix tape no. 03 // beginnings
Although beginnings happen in small ways everyday, from our morning routines to new relationships and jobs and homes, this is the season we celebrate them, give tribute to them. We imagine and create on otherwise
mix tape no. 02 // a winter to remember
Old man Winter has finally arrived here (mildly by some of your standards), chasing the last of the leaves from the branches, forcing us into warm coats and under throw blankets. Although at times I