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Hallelujah, it’s Friday! This week, in addition to all our typical work, we’ve been busy plugging away on our new space and are planning to spend the weekend painting the indoors and cleaning out more overgrowth in the yard. The weather here has been warm and humid, inviting new grasses and bugs. For us, it means we’ve been outdoors more. Do you have anything specific planned this weekend or will you just decide when you get there?

linger // This week Design Sponge featured DRIFT, a new place in San Jose del Cabo in Mexico. Considering itself a hybrid between a boutique hotel and a hostel, DRIFT was minimally designed to keep the expense down for travelers to this Mexican city.  The most incredible part? The rooms rent for $75/night. Doesn’t that sound dreamy right at the end of February?

buy // In spite of my often black thumb, I’m smitten with potted plants. Right now, I’m really wanting to buy citrus trees to plant at our new place. In this article, Gardenista gave a few tips for growing citrus indoors–a helpful read before I purchase one.

read // Preparing to move, I’ve already been thinking of all of the [clothing, linens, toys, books, shoes, school and art supplies] I want to clean out. So I really appreciated when Jodi gave several wonderful thoughts and useful tips for simplifying your home earlier this week.

try // Although this project was originally created for Christmastime, I love these DIY himelli ornaments enough to hang them year round. I’m hoping to make them soon–after the move of course.

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      It’s just starting to warm up over here, but I’m also really looking forward to Spring. Wouldn’t a Spring trip to Mexico be divine? Wishful thinking. ;)

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